Professional photography of your home is very important. The following will ensure better pictures and a faster, higher sale.


We very much appreciate your efforts to prepare the property prior to the photo shoot. Completing this checklist will help ensure that the property is as marketable as possible and that our photographer is not delayed in fully capturing the property.

Inclement Weather

We will shoot your property no matter what the weather conditions are at the time of the shoot.

Kitchen: remove all non-decorative items from countertops (ex: dish soap, paper towels, phones, cleaning supplies) and remove all fridge magnets

Mirrors: ensure mirrors are streak free. Note: water spots and streaks are most likely to show up in images

Lighting: put all interior and exterior lights on including table lamps, under cabinet lighting, stove top lighting, bedside reading lamps, ceiling fan lights, and other secondary light sources and ensure all light bulbs work

Bathrooms: lower all toilet seats, clear countertops of non-decorative items. Please also remove toiletries from bath and shower area.

Window Treatments: Open curtains/blinds all the way in every room.

Front and back yard: take down any decorative flags, put exterior hoses away, garbage bins, and organize patio furniture if applicable

Vehicles: move all vehicles from driveway and curb of the property

Pets: keep pets in the garage for the photo shoot, also put away the pet supplies, water/food bowls, crates, toys, etc

Other: turn off ceiling fans, put all personal items away, remove any religious symbols from view, and make the house as clean as possible

Holiday Decor: remove all holiday décor – examples include pumpkins, Christmas trees, menorahs, Christmas lights, wreaths from the front door, etc

This list has been formed using extensive customer feedback and homebuyer research

What we do shoot:

• Both front and rear exterior facades

• Patios, decks, balconies, yards, grounds, and landscaped areas

• Views if available and weather is clear

• All interior common areas, including front entry, dining room, living room, family room, kitchen, breakfast nook, and office

• Finished basement

• Master bedroom and bathroom

• Laundry room if it is finished to a high level of quality

What we don’t shoot

• Unfinished basements

• Storage areas and utility rooms

• Laundry rooms if unfinished, partially finished, or finished to a low level of quality

• Walk –in closets (unless very large and completely organized)

• Garage interiors

We sometimes shoot

• Secondary bedrooms and bathrooms – our priority is always to shoot the most marketable and notable spaces of the property. To that end, we may or may not shoot secondary bedrooms and bathrooms depending on whether, after capturing the most marketable spaces, we still have remaining images and/or time to shoot these secondary spaces. Homeowners should have these spaces prepared in the event that we shoot them


• We will arrive about 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled photo shoot to put our finishing touches and be totally prepared for the photographer

• Homeowners should not be home, this is a professional photo shoot with a specific time slot. We get our best results when we can work independently

• Pictures will be the first impression home buyers get of your home, so let’s work together to make them outstanding!